MERMAID DOWN premiered on October 14, 2019 at The Pacific Theater of The Grove in Los Angeles, California. MERMAID DOWN is a feature film about a mermaid who gets ripped from the ocean, gets her tail chopped off, and gets thrown into a mental institution where no one believes she is a mermaid. Ashley Cordelia, who plays a mental patient in the film, remarked that [the premiere], “was like a dream with eyes open.”

On working with Jeffrey Grellman, writer/director/co-creator of MERMAID DOWN, Ashley remarked, “Working with Jeffrey [Grellman] was so insightful. I learned so much from being on set with him, being directed by him, and most of all, watching him work. I have never worked with someone who had such a clear vision of what they wanted… seeing him review the scene playbacks as he would majestically move his hands as though he was some sort of cinematic sorcerer was nothing short of captivating”. Here’s some live action stills from the movie.

MERMAID DOWN hit the shelves of Walmart and Target all across North America in January 2020. It is available on iTunes, YouTube For Rent, Video OnDemand, COX, Comcast, CharterSpectrum, and all places where you can buy/stream movies online.

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