Ashley Cordelia is an American actress who began professionally acting in 2009. She landed her first role on her first ever audition as Eve in the short film THE REHEARSAL. This propelled her into the acting world, where she steadily practiced her craft and then began screenwriting, directing, and singing-songwriting. A well-rounded artist, Ashley Cordelia has finally gained momentum in the film realm. MERMAID DOWN premiered on October 14, 2019 at The Grove in Los Angeles, California.

Ashley recently starred in the film “Mermaid Down”, the story of a mermaid who gets fished out of the ocean, after which her tail’s chopped off,  then she is thrown into a mental institution where absolutely no one believes she’s a mermaid. Ashley plays a mental patient in the movie. Watch the trailer below!

Here’s some live action stills from Mermaid Down…

Before Ashley began seriously writing feature film scripts, she decided to have a go at writing a short film script for fun. Below is THE SACRIFICE, which Ashley then produced, directed and starred in… Enjoy!

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